The phrase: "I am virgin" (Britney Spears)

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


1) Yes, I use to use computers everyday (better say, everynight). At first I feared them, but slowly I begun to understand Its way of "thinking" or "programming".

2) Well, the two things that I use to do more frequently with the computer are designing and navigating on cyberspace discovering different websites. The major part of them are related with graphic artists as photographers o painters (my last discovery is http://www.markryden.com). In my opinion, internet has became the ultimate school. I use it to study and discover the last tendences in the different fashion expression ways.

3) Definetly, the worst is to clean the hard drive (cookies, temporary files, history, forgotten files, and the mp3 that have not been well downloaded)

4) Well, weblog results a little interesting at the beginning, but then, it becomes a boring responsible act ode keeping it uploaded (specially if the weblog is a diary).

5) If I were you, I'd drive the lessons in a professional way (as we did these last days) but with more sessions dedicated to speech because nobody knows if the day of tomorrow we will go to other countries searching of any job.

well, the second part of the assessement is a specification of the kind of work I could develop. Althought "it's just a game" I do not share the opinion of "The BLUES" because I am not interested on anything of they make. Actually I believe that their jobs are really boooooooring.
Finally, I say that I refuse any job related with grey offices, cells or yuppies with BMW cars...

See ya!!
Blue and Yellow are more than two colours.

Well, my job profile turns around the BLUE colour. It's related with creative works that make me use my brain in an artistic way. Following the test results, I am a person qualified to develop works related with IMAGE (Paint, Photo, Writings...).

So, the test also said that my style is YELLOW. It means that I am very methodical and that I need work with time, without quickly ways. I am very sharp with my ideas and although I respect others thoughts, I am better working individually.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

JOHN'n grrrls:

John decided to ignore his idea to date (again) with huge-ears-Belinda due to Johnny wants to keep his status of playboy. So, he couldn't date with any girl whose ears make shadows that could hide Johnny's perfect blue eyes and golden straight hair, WHAT IN THE HELL does that girl think who Sexy John is?

In one week, John met huge-ears-Belinda trying to buy a cap bigh enough to hide her amazing, incredible and uncanny Dumbo ears. He get closer to her to ask how her life (and ears) goes. She started to cry at the same time she was saying "All is ok".
"Poor Belinda"- Johnny thought - "so beauty but so audio-sensible". To makes her happy, Johnny decided to give her a present: a pair of... EARRINGS (nice idea to destroy somebody that everytime that move her head, kicks her shoulder with the ears...).

After this great cruel moment, Johnny took a Taxi and went to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse, whose ears were smaller than Belinda ears.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

ANS'RRRS of da x'r'cise:
Da 1rst...

i - The main reason is providing support for teenage problems that can exist through the people who use network.This kind of persons are people that have sexXxual experiences by chat and loves messenger comunication systems and believe that Jedi is a religion raised from the buddism. Well, they could also be trekkies.

ii - It's aimed to young people. Well, young people depends of the IQ test, it's not related with the ID AGE.

iii - Counselors is a group of people with a lot of free time. People whose experience in life (they're arround 13 years old) is a good reference to the rest of mankind.

Da 2nd...

i - Woooow!!! well, when I read all the problems I think that youth grows up very horny. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENS ON YOUNGSTERS BRAINS??? When I was as young as they are, I played with Masters Of The Universe not with "the treasssure..." (You know what I'm reffering at).

ii - I am not a person who accepts advice easily. Less if it comes from an unknown person. All the problems that they explains should be treated by a psychoanalyst and not just by a silly advice that always says "THAT'S FINE ENJOY IT".

iii - Just for people that things that we live in The Matrix or that there's not much world beyond internet.

The 3rd....

i - FEVER PITCH : is the adapted script from a book for the big screen.
ii - Nick Hornby: is a writer, author of a few boring novels (and movies) like "ABOUT A BOY".
iii - HIGH FIDELTY: It's a funny movie whose co-star (JACK BLACK) looks like my english teacher... just a little.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My curse, my life.

Imagine you are trying to break off whatever you've been doing during all your sad life, but there is always a think that bring you back anything that makes you remember how interesting and exciting resulted that sadness to yourself. Or not.
This is what happened in this exercise. I tried to end my life as a detective, but I don't know how it carries on although I hate it.

Well, I wanted some help, and I went looking for help but I' chose the wrong way. I though my ex-partner would be a good idea so I decided to catch up with her, dropping by her office... I was wrong, damn hell!!! But who cares...? I think that I am cursed to get back into my life...

All the dreams come true are not mine.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hi Xavi!

Happy new Year!

Here are your marks so far:

Film review:

Excellent. This is very well written and considered.

Mark = 10 / 10

Photo description:

Great again - perhaps the descriptions could have been longer. Mark : 7 / 10

General weblog portfolio:

Excellent. You have been using this for far more than what was asked of you

Mark: 9 / 10

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hola people!
this is Xavi, I am from Barcelona, considered one of the most fashion city in the world. I can tell U that this is the main reason because of the city is becoming too much expensive for young people (I 'm 25 and cannot live with my couple because renting is very expensive -imagine to buy a flat or an apartment...-).

Well, I love cinema (specially where the characters are really freaky, as Fight Club, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, The Tenant..., or very emotional movies as Requiem for a Dream, Magnolia, El Hijo de la Novia...), I love reading books written by Chuck Palahniuk or whatever that used original and not really romantic. Romanticism sound to me very silly, I prefer being romantic with my couple or with my friend. My favourite music is pop. I don't know why, but the major part of gay people love POP. Madonna of course, Kylie Minogue... I am very critic with music. I always hated Christina Aguilera, but her latest album is brilliant, the same occurs with Britney's latest one.

I am very creative, I go to TV in the mornings, to class at afternoon, and work when I can as a freelance. My latest great work has been on a movie titled Hipnos as a story-board artist because I am penciller althought all of this, I am starting my professional career as a fashion photographer. Well this is my profile. Nice 2 meet ya' !!!
So, you thought it was good. I must admit I haven't been to see it yet, but I will go. I was angry after seeing the second part - the effects were good, but the scenes too long the motorway action scene for example,was stunning, but after ten minutes it becomes a bit of a bore. The concepts too were all mixed up. what I liked about the first film was that it was coherent. In the Matrix, they can have whatever they want - uns, clothes, expensive sunglasses, etc, but outside they are limited - dressed in rags, old computers, etc. That changed in the second film - they were wearing expensive leather jackets and slick sunglasses.

It was a betrayal. The details in the world didn't make sense and that killed the movie for me. also, the story was flimsy, and no amount of special effects can make up for a story that isn't very good. They also made too much of the "philosophy" of the trilogy. Who are they trying to kid? The directors are so full of themselves they think they are great thinkers now? They should have stuck to the things that made the first film great. It's a shame that they've damaged the reputation of what was a great film by making a mediocre trilogy.

Saturday, November 15, 2003


People say that now the films are not as good as before. Well, times pass and the way of filmaking changes too. Now all is well-known or created, and create new stories is a near impossible task. If we go years and cinema eras ago, the treated themes were fresher than now because a lot of themes were "virgin", now it's impossible. So the only way to catch people attention is imaging new methods to explain stories that were told before in other ways.

The Matrix Trilogy is not a new tale, except if you don't read books and comic-books. The Matrix will be remembered in history of cinema because it revolutioned the cinema language as years ago David Fincher's did the same with "SE7EN" in the thriller themes.
There's no new ideas on all the Matrix trilogy. The Matrix saga is a combo of William Gibson's "NEUROMANCER", Masamune Shirow's "GHOST IN THE SHELL" and Ridley Scott's "BLADE RUNNER" plus THE HOLLY BIBLE. Now you must to change the place and the time. Put a pair of cheap phylosophy phrases and a japanese animation battlefights. Shake it and you will find THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, the perfect combination between the brilliant and unique THE MATRIX and the silly and boring sequel THE MATRIX RELOADED.

Now that we know what is NEO's destiny, we can assure that the third part is good, not brilliant, but very necessary to apologyze how much idiot resulted its predecessor, THE MATRIX RELOADED.

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